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What parents say....

Mrs N, Barnet

"I want to thank you so much for what you did for our son. I am so grateful to you for making the whole process, from start to finish, feel so personal and sensitive; I feel like I know my son so much better because of you. He loved working with you too. The feedback conversation was so helpful and enlightening - it was a little emotional for me and you really carried me through it. I feel so proud of my son and full of excitement about all we can now do to support him further and am so grateful to you for your help. Your report is detailed and personal and I know will be a great support to school too. Thank you so much again."

Mrs G, East Finchley

"I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you so very much for spending the time with my son and doing the assessment with him.  We can already see how his attitude towards his work has changed and he is getting less angry and stressed (and so am I!) with the prospect of homework and is just knuckling down and getting it done!  It is as if he now knows its ok if he doesn't understand everything immediately.


The school have prepared a document to share with the teachers at school with many of your suggestions.....  So everything is looking positive. I feel the results of our meeting with you have already made everyone's lives much better, so a huge big thank you."

Mrs H, Finchley

"Hilary provided such a thorough and thoughtful assessment and report. So much more than just crunching the standardised assessment figures, her report gave insight as to how my daughter had managed in education thus far and where she might struggle in the future as well as strategies and suggestions going forward.  My daughter went into the assessment anxious and came out smiling.  Hilary connected with her, putting her at her ease, while getting the best from her.  Her professionalism is second to none.  I have no hesitation in recommending her."

Mrs C, Paddington

"Hilary diagnosed my son with dyslexia at 17 years and 11 months old! He learnt to spell and to read at Primary School, did OK at secondary school but he was now beginning to struggle in exams and with the A Level curriculum. It never crossed my mind that he may be dyslexic! It came as a surprise to us both, but Hilary really helped us both to understand what the implications of the diagnosis meant. I cannot stress enough how safe we both felt in her hands. Her assessment was done both thoroughly but gently, she is experienced and yet open to each child being an individual. She is kind and sensitive. 

Hilary's report was detailed, accessible and easy to understand exactly why my son struggled with certain things. I cannot recommend Hilary highly enough. I feel so lucky that she has helped us both before he takes his exams in the summer and goes off to University in September with the support he needs. Thank you so much Hilary."

Mrs A, Muswell Hill

"From the start of this process to the end, Hilary has been professional and caring – a very hard balance to strike. My 14 year old daughter was anxious about attending the dyslexia assessment, but Hilary made her feel at ease. My daughter came out of the assessment with a smile and an air of confidence about her ability to learn, that I had not seen before.

Hilary’s report was extremely comprehensive. It clearly explained where my daughter’s needs lay, as well as suggestions for working with these needs at school and home.

Hilary managed to make a clinical process into something that was warm and supportive. Thank you!"

Mrs S, Harrow

"Hilary put my son at ease straight away.  He said afterwards that he had really enjoyed the assessment session and that 3 hours had whizzed by.  He certainly felt much more positive about his abilities after the assessment session finished.  Hilary's report was practical and useful.  It enabled us to start a conversation with my son's secondary school so that he got the support to help him to succeed.  My son subsequently got great GCSEs and is now doing A-levels in the 6th form."

Mr B, East Finchley

"Hilary is extremely experienced and put our son at ease straight away.  He even found her assessment enjoyable! 

The school remarked that her report was the most in depth and informative they had received. Hilary's depth of experience with schools means that she is able to give them information about your child in a way that can make a practical difference in the classroom."

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